Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Code - Test - Debug

I've just finished coding a feature enhancement on a client-server application I am supporting. Now the next step would be to do some testing to make sure that it works as it should and that the additional changes didn't break anything on the existing functionalities. This is the part I don't like. Thinking of all the test cases and trying them out do not thrill me. I prefer that someone else tests what I've done and just inform me of any errors so I can do some debugging, which is the part that I like. Unfortunately, this is not the way software development works. Although there is a QA process which is done by the QA Engineer, one still has to do unit testing on one's own work. The only good thing that comes out after testing is that I'm able to find out whether everything works fine or not. If it works, I proceed to the next coding task. If not, I debug. And the cycle continues.


KF said...

Welcome to my world! Testing is what I do all day :)

I kind of think of myself as The Riddler -- I look at a product and find out all the ways to break it and pose all sorts of questions to the developer. Testing requires a different mindset, since you need to know the code AND how to break it!

kyutbabe said...

A friend of mine who does QA has this mantra: "So you think you're good huh? Wait 'til I'm finished testing your code! Hehehe"