Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I won! I won!

I just found out that I won a HP computer package in a raffle and I want to jump for joy! Except I can't do that because I'm in the office so I'm just gonna do it here. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! Whew, that was tiring! Hehe. So going back, my mom called me here at the office because someone called at home, saying that I won in a raffle. At first I thought maybe it was just a prank but then my mom said, the person was calling for Paseo Center, the one that held the raffle draw and I remembered that I did join that one. So she gave me the person's contact number and I immediately called the person. True enough, I did win and I'm going to pick my prize on Friday. I don't know the specs yet but even if it's just a basic computer setup, I won't care. It's not everyday that one can get a free pc, you know!

I hope my lucky streak continues. Didn't I tell you that I also won a DVD player in the company Christmas party last year? :)


KF said...

That's dope - congratulations!

The only thing I won was New Kids on the Block remix tape because I coloured in a comics page superbly. :(

kyutbabe said...

Well before this, the only thing I've won was a desk lamp at our high school's bingo social.

I'm hoping I will win the lottery next. Hehe :)