Thursday, April 5, 2007

No exercise + Swimming = Body ache

No exercise for a month and no swimming for a whole year makes for a very bad combination. After swimming with my friend this afternoon, I felt so weak, it was like all energy was drained off me. Right now, I couldn't even raise my arms because my muscles are all sore. And even if I'm so tired and sleepy, I'm afraid to go to bed because I may not be able to get up in the morning with my body aching all over. This is what I get for skipping on my workouts. I must revive my gym regimen if I am to survive our company outing which is scheduled next week. More swimming. Eeps!

So aside from this blog update which could have waited 'til I was more rested, why am I online again? Right, I need to send some documents needed by my US boss. Blast that Blackberry!

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