Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Wheel Turns On and On and On

I have just finished reading the tenth book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. I took me more than a year to finish all ten, only to find out that the story's not finished yet. Just a few months ago, the 11th installment came out in the bookstores and what disappointed me was that it has a cover illustration. The book does look more interesting when you can see the images of the characters, but damn it, my first ten books only have a black cover with the title in gold text! If I buy the new one, they won't look all the same. Worse, I don't think there will be a reprinting of the 11th book to have it look like the first ten because what happened was the other way around. The first ten books were reprinted to have cover illustrations. So I decided, I won't buy the first ten books again just so that my book shelf will look pretty when I have all the books lined up. I will just buy the 11th because I just want to finish the story. Then I went to the bookstore to get my copy. But just imagine my shock when I found out that there's a new addition to the WoT series aside from Book 11: Knife of Dreams. A prequel also came out entitled, New Spring: The Novel. I suspected that the story won't be finished just yet so I told myself I'll just buy the rest of the books when the story is really, really over because I don't want to be left hanging again. Anyway, I don't remember most of what's happened and the characters are all jumbled up in my head already so I don't have to worry about forgetting the storyline if I stop reading for a while because I already did. So instead of buying a book, I just went to the music store and bought JoJo's latest cd, The High Road. Hehe :)

PS. I searched the web to know how many books there will really be in the WoT and found this link in the WoT website that shows video interviews of the author. There will be twelve to thirteen books for the 'main sequence novels' and three prequel books which will serve as the prologue.

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