Thursday, May 31, 2007

8 random facts

Got tagged by Pieter. I've gotten this meme before but then, it was just 6 random facts. Anyway, I'll just add to my original 6. Here goes:

1. Popcorn and movies are my destressors.
2. I like apple juice and the scent of apples but I don't like the fruit itself.
3. I drive an automatic.
4. I love watching cooking shows but I don't cook.
5. I've never been to Baguio or Boracay.
6. I'm a morning person.
7. I have a pet Black Labrador named Lucky.
8. I'm a look-a-like of the vice mayor of our municipality.

Now, I'll tag these people so we can all learn a little something about them too :)



Anonymous said...

Wui thankies thankies sa pag-tag. I'm gonna keep this in mind.

Sana'y bumisita ka rin sa aking nilalangaw na blog. =)

kyutbabe said...

Yup Jake, bumibisita rin naman ako sa blog mo paminsan-minsan. Hehe :)

John Hok said...

Boom, made a post on my blog. :)

Thanks (well kinda) for tagging me!

Jan Pieter Marbun said...

Hi There, how are you, Thanks for playing, nice random.

Have a great weekend

Suray said...

Even though I never meet you before, but seems like boundary couldn't separate somebody to build friendship with somebody else. Because, friendship never die. Thanks!

kyutbabe said...

suray: I think so too!
john: Thanks for the effort in fulfilling the task. Although, if it bothers you so much then I won't include you in future memes anymore.
pieter: No prob. Enjoy your day :)

KF said...

Meme me!

kyutbabe said...

hey kf! since some of the people whom I tagged did not do the meme, I'll just tag you instead. What are your 8 random facts? :)

john hok said...

Nah I'm just kidding with ya. Althought it did take me some effort in doing it, I think it gave me something to blog about. Sometimes a little spark like that is enough motiviation to get me blogging again. Ya know what I mean? :)

kyutbabe said...

john: That's good to know. I thought you were really annoyed :)