Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The great Google franchise

I've been going through the rounds of Pinoy blogs lately and I've noticed that almost all had one thing in common: Google AdSense. In fact, I've seen a few individuals turning pro. These probloggers own multiple websites and blogs with content ranging from how to drive safely to how to become a problogger yourself. They are also members of blog networks and blog sites with group revenue sharing. At first I thought this is a violation of Google's TOS but a little googling revealed that it is not and is in fact widely practiced.

It's not only the bloggers who benefit from Google AdSense. Even some companies rely heavily on the revenue generated by the Google AdSense in their sites. Gone were the days when the sales and marketing people of these sites would have to go knocking on each and every potential client who would want to advertise on their site and explain the benefits of banner ads, page hits, click-throughs and such. All the company has to do is to have the Google AdSense javascript plugged into every page of their site and wait for the checks to come in.

The above scenarios are not only applicable to the Philippine cyberspace; they are prevalent in other blog and websites the world over. All these add to the ever-growing number of Google AdSense success stories. And with the recent acquisition of DoubleClick by Google, I won't be surprised if the figures double in just a short period of time.

This got me to thinking. In the same way the McDonald's is more of in the real estate business than in the food business, Google may be more about acquiring cyberspace real estate, than it is about serving ads and search functionality! And as Google's web presence grows, more and more would want to be in on the franchise. This could very well translate to more Google checks coming in through the mail, couriers and wires. Maybe in a few more years, Google could even become the world's biggest employer, spanning races, educational attainment, economic backgrounds and age groups. Maybe it already is, right this very minute.

A Google Adsense on every website. Doesn't sound so bad, don't you think?

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