Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lolo SB

Given the sorry state of Philippine politics, especially with the coming National Elections, I am tempted to NOT participate in the upcoming electoral process. I would rather NOT exercise my right to vote than be at the receiving end of the mockery of the Filipino people that occurs every election, as manifested in the rampant vote-buying and blatant cheating at the polls. However, despite my determination to boycott tomorrow's election, you would probably see me at the voting precincts first thing in the morning tomorrow, lining up to cast my votes. What can I do, voting is a family affair in our household. My mother, being a model citizen, would probably drag us down to the voting precincts if needed, just to make sure that we vote.

Needless to say, I don't have a list of who I'm going to vote yet. I'll probably vote whoever my mother wants me to vote for senator. At least I have a name in mind for our municipality's mayoralty post, the incumbent mayor, Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte. In fact, there is no other name I can write for mayor because he, together with most of the QC SB Team candidates, is running unopposed. Look at his picture, doesn't he remind you of a kind and gentle lolo, the kind who would give you money and sweets when your mommy's not looking? I'm sure he would win and I hope he does do he can continue the programs he has started for QC.

Note: Photo lifted from the National Statistics Office website.


KF said...

Doesn't it weird you out sometimes that the senior citizens in the Philippines NEVER go grey? I have some grand-uncles/aunts who have jet-black hair while my parents (who are 20-30 years younger) are rocking the salt and pepper look, with more salt than pepper these days. Just go grey and age already! I bet Lolo SB has fewer white hairs than I do. (I have 5, for reference)

kyutbabe said...

The secret lies in Bigen. Hehehe. I also have a few white hairs showing already, but I never get around to pulling them out.