Friday, June 29, 2007

Chris Benoit

I've always been fascinated by pro-wrestling, even when I was still a child. Of course back then I didn't know that it was all a show. When I found out that it wasn't real, I lost interest and stopped watching (during my high school years). It was only during college when I started watching again, mainly because my younger brother has started watching it too. Since then, I've become updated with the show's happenings, and the wrestlers themselves. I even wanted to watch them when Raw and Smackdown went here last year. I wasn't able to go, but my brother was able to and he even got a picture with Triple H!

When news of Eddie Guerrero's death broke out, I was shocked. Even more with Chris Benoit's murdering of his wife and son, and eventual suicide. What's more sad is that it was drugs that led to these wrestler's self-destruction. Watch the news videos to learn more about the double-murder suicide that happened in Chris Benoit's home over the weekend.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Talent Search

I'm beginning to think I have no searching talent whatsoever. It turned out the solution to my XPress module problem is to install the latest version (v2.05). I should have double checked first before I downloaded the 1.5.2 version. Could have saved me a whole lot of headache yesterday!

So I already have XPress installed, I still have to try migrating my blog. And I'm still also waiting for my new domain (Can you guess it? Hehe). Once I have everything prepared over the weekend, I plan to have my new site up and running by next week. That is if I don't get stuck again. Wish me luck!

Open-source Deja Vu

Remember my Open-source woes? I'm still having them. I decided to try another Open-source CMS available in my webhosting package which seems easier to use. However, I find myself being stuck again. I'm trying out Xoops because they have this Xpress module which is supposed to be the WordPress for XOOPS, and the reason I'm interested in this is because Wordpress is supposed to have an easy-to-use migration tool for blog content from Blogger to Wordpress (now you know where my blogpspot is headed. hehe). So I downloaded the module and installed it, but when I go to the Wordpress page, I get this: "Fatal error: Undefined class name 'xoopslocal'". Googling gave several results pointing to the module developers' site, but unfortunately they seem to have exceeded their bandwidth limit. I found a forum stating that the version I have installed (Xpress 1.5.2 only works with XOOPS 2.2 (I have v2.0.16) but that installing the Frameworks will repair the problem. It still did not work. Maybe I have to work a little harder and smarter in attacking this problem. I'll give an update as soon as I find something out.

Patience is a virtue.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Continuing Education

Don't you ever feel that you want to do so many things and you've only got so little time. I feel like that most of the time. There's so many books to read, so many movies to watch, so many hobbies to pursue, so many new things to learn. Yep, I've always loved and and enjoyed the learning process. Even now that I've finished school and have a full-time job, my thirst for knowledge still cries out to be quenched so I check out schedules of short courses or classes every now and then. Although, I haven't actually enrolled in any yet, the following are in my "To-Enroll-In" list:

  1. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging - I want to enroll in their photography classes, ranging from their basic to specialized courses. Although for starters, I would like to enroll in The Alcove because they have lower fees and have after-office schedules.
  2. Studio 116 - If there's one talent I'm sure I have, it's dancing. Unfortunately, I've always put it in the background and have never actively cultivated it. I've never joined any dance clubs in school because practices tend to finish late and I had no way of getting a ride home. At least now, I can have the chance to have formal dance training if I enroll. I want to progress through the social dances because I think I'm stuck in hip-hop. Again, classes are after-office and I won't have any problem going home late because I get home late everyday anyway (curse you EDSA traffic!).
  3. Japanese Studies Program - I took Japanese as my foreign language elective in college and I even planned to pursue a Minor in Japanese Studies. However, my JSP102 Basic Japanese 2) professor was so terrible, I didn't learn anything from her so I thought I wouldn't survive Intermediate and Advanced Japanese if my Basic Japanese education was so poor. Now, I want to resume my Japanese language studies and I even dream of taking (and passing) the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Classes are every Saturday so I have to rethink because that will eat into my precious weeknd. Meanwhile, I'll content myself with online resources and exams.
  4. PhilNITS Exams (JITSE) Review - I've always wanted to take the Japanese IT Standards Examination ever since I graduated. I even registered for the 2003 exams but I backed out when I saw the review materials. Half of the things in there, we didn't even cover when I was studying! Now, its name has changed but I still haven't taken it. At least there's a review center I can enroll in, if and when I decide to take it. I dunno, it's just something I need to prove to myself as a Computer Science graduate.
  5. Registered Financial Planners Program - Here's something I can go into if I decide to take a career shift - becoming a Professional Financial Planner. But for now, I just wanna learn so I can better manage my personal finances. The program fees are high though, so the education is an investment in itself.
  6. Stock Market Investing - Another finance-related class, this time about investing in the stock market. Trainings are scheduled on Thursday afternoons so I would have to take a leave from work if I want to attend. No seminar fees though so that's a plus!
In a way, it's a good thing that I don't have the time yet to enroll in these courses 'coz then, I'll be worrying about the money. Hehe.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Canon Ixus 430 CCD sensor recall

I'm so glad I brought my digicam to the Canon service center at Chino Roces Ave. because it turned out that the problem I'm having with my shots (notice the reddish top border I took for the King Long and Tito Boy post) is due to the defective CCD sensors that is being recalled by Canon. I just have to wait 2-3 weeks because they say the replacement parts would still be coming from Singapore. If it would mean that my digicam will be fixed, hopefully free of charge, then I'm willing to wait.

Before I bought my Ixus 430 in late 2005, I did a little researching on the net to find out if it belongs to the list of models with defective CCD sensors. It wasn't in the list then, but Canon came up with a new service advisory and the Ixus 430 is now included in the list. Visit the ff. links to find out which models also have defective CCD sensors:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Technoratically yours

I have decided that I will sign-up in Technorati. Although I'm not yet completely sure what benefits it will give my blog, I've made up my mind to risk joining the bandwagon. To complete my blog claim, here goes:

Kyutbabe's Technorati Profile

If you have any ideas or suggestions how I can fully maximize my blog's membership in Technorati, just give me a holler.

Following the money trail

I'm beginning to like the sound of Numismatics, a new hobby I would like to venture into. Just like my stamp and postcard collection, my starting point is courtesy of my father's travels abroad. Just last week, I remembered that my mother has in her keeping, a small bag full of coins originating from various countries the world over. Being a ship captain, his work brought him to different ports in different countries so every time he would return from his seafaring, he would have these loose change which could not be exchanged with the banks and money changers so my mother just dumps them all in this small bag. I asked the coins from my mother and I decided that I will sort them and store them properly. I remembered that I had a classmate in college who was also into coin-collecting so I asked him for some pointers. I also found this cool site for coin-collecting newbies which has very helpful information on how to get started, minus the info overload factor. Presently, I have not finished sorting the coins by country yet. But I'm enjoying the experience so it's not a problem. What I'm seeing that would pose some problem for me is finding the proper storage materials for my coins. It's important to store the coins in non-PVC flips or albums and I'm afraid there's a shortage of that where I live. Never mind, I'll worry about that later :)

I'll let you in on a secret. The real reason why I arranged my father's postcards and why I want to sort those coins is because I want to chronicle his travels; I want to know what countries he has been to and when he was there. Who knows, someday I may be able to visit the same places he's been, retracing his footsteps in a sense. And when that happens, no doubt it will turn out to be a truly nostalgic journey for me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Postcrossing, anyone?

Remember my postcard collection (I wrote something about it here)? I decided that aside from waiting for my friends to send me postcards (or asking them to buy some for me when they go to other places), I decided that I will add to my collection by joining the Postcard Crossing Project. It's a site that "allows anyone to receive postcards (paper ones, not electronic) from random places in the world." Of course, I will still be doing the legwork of actually mailing a postcard to someone, somewhere, but with the site's tracking mechanism, I'm assured that I will receive at least one postcard from another postcrosser somewhere in the world every time I send one to another postcrosser. I still have to read the FAQs on the site first (how to obtain an address, what to write on the postcard and what language to use, etc), then I will try to send my first postcard next week. Then all I have to do is wait for a postcard to arrive in my mailbox. Goodie :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jok Tym!

Pagbigyan na ninyo ako, sadyang mababaw lang talaga ako :)

Mister: Kung gagawa ako ng pelikula, gusto ko, ako si ZORRO!
Misis: E ako, sino?
Mister: Si DACOS!
Misis: Dacos? Sino 'yun?
Mister: DA COS of all my ZORROs!

----------- ---------- ------------ -- ------------ - --------

Job interview:

Boss: Ano ang alam mo?
Rommel: Alam ko po kung saan kayo nakatira ng misis niyo, at kung saan nakatira ang kabit niyo.
Boss: Tanggap ka na!

------------ -- ------------ ---- ------------ - ------------ -------
Tomas: Sobrang tabatsoy ang misis ko, kaya gusto niyang magbawas ng timbang. Nag-horseback riding siya...
Ano'ng resulta?
Tomas: Nabawasan ng sampung kilo 'yung kabayo!

------------ ---- ------------ --- ------------ - ------------

Kumusta ang pag-aaral mo?
Nag-lesson at test po kami tungkol sa mga manok.
Ano, madali ba?
Chicken na chicken!
Anong grade mo?
Itlog po.

------------ -- --------- ----------- ---------- ----------

Dalawang holdaper sa bangko:

Holdaper #1: Yehey! Mayaman na tayo!
Holdaper #2:
Bilangin mo na!
Holdaper: Alam mo namang mahina ako sa math. Abangan na lang natin sa balita kung magkano!

-------- ----------- ----------- ------------ ------------

Pasyente: Okey ba ang services sa ospital na ito?
Doktor: Oo naman. Sigurado 'yon.
Pasyente: Paano kung hindi ako satisfied?
Doktor: Ibabalik namin ang sakit mo.

------------ ------------ ------------ -- ------------ -----------
3 tanga nagsisiksikan sa maliit na **kama**:*
Pare, di tayo kasya. Bawas tayo ng isa, sa lapag na lang matulog. (Bumaba si Tanga 1.)
Ayan, pare maluwag na, akyat kana dito!


Dear Dodong,
Sa susunod anak, *Nido* non-fat na lang ang ipadala mo sa tatang mo.
Nasisira kasi ang tiyan niya sa pinadala mong *Nivea Moisturing Milk*...


ANAK: 'Tay , penge ng pera. May project kami. Bibili ako ng "cocomban".
TATAY: Ano ka ba naman! Hangga ngayong "cocomban" pa rin tawag mo!
Ano po ba ang tama?
TATAY: Bomb paper!


Dear, iligaw mo nga tong pusa. Nakasako na. Dalhin mo sa malayo!
Bakit ka ginabi? Niligaw mo ba ang pusa?
Bwisit na pusang yan! Kundi ko siya sinundan, di ako nakauwi!


PEDRO: Galing ako sa doktor, nakabili na ako ng hearing aid.
Grabe ang linaw ngayon nang pandinig ko!
Wow, galing! Magkanong bili mo sa hearing aid?
PEDRO: Kahapon lang!


At a funeral...

ERAP: Tara na, Jinggoy. Alis na tayo!
Kararating pa lang natin a!
ERAP: Naku mahirap nang maiwan. Basahin mo o:

Tanga 1: Ano bang hinahanap mo diyan sa supot ng 3-in-1 coffee.
Kanina ka pa silip nang silip diyan.
Tanga 2: Hinahanap ko ung libreng asukal. Nakasulat kasi sa karton "SUGAR FREE."


JUAN: Pare, ang bilis kong nabuo 'tong puzzle!
PEDRO: Talaga?! Gaano kabilis?
JUAN: 5 months!
PEDRO: Tagal naman!
JUAN: Tagal ba 'yun? Nakalagay nga dito: "for 3 years & up"!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Today is our National Independence Day but it's a working holiday because we were supposed to 'celebrate' it yesterday. Funny though, I didn't see the usual June 12 festivities that is happens yearly at the Rizal Park or at Kawit, Cavite, where the Philippine independence from Spain was declared on June 12, 1898. Shows you how much we Filipinos care about our freedom. Sad, noh?

Honestly, I think we are still a very young nation in search for our true identity. We've been colonized for too long (377 yrs under the Spanish rule, 48 yrs under the Americans and 3 yrs under the Japanese) that we've forgotten how to stand on our own. It is only now that we are relearning to take our own steps, as guided by our own national leaders. How I wish that someone would push to change our country's name, Philippines, so that we won't have be named after a dead king anymore.

In celebration of being Filipino, I would like to share an article I found in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Here's an excerpt:

Enjoy, be Pinoy; bahala na si Batman
By Gilda Cordero-Fernando

MANILA, Philippines -- Pinoy is what Filipinos call each other, a term of endearment. You’re Pinoy from Pilipino just like you’re tisoy from mestizo or chinoy from chino.

It’s a nickname just as Minoy is from Maximo, Ninoy from Benigno, Tinay from Florentina and Kikay from Francisca. But now they’re Maxi and Ben and Tintin and Cheska.

You’ve been called indio, goo-goo, Negro, flip, noypits. Or Filipino, a biscuit that is brown outside and white inside, or a word stricken from the dictionary which means domestic. Ay, lintik!

You’re Juan de la Cruz or Mang Pandoy. You’re common tao, masa, urban poor but also Cecile Licad and Don Jaime, Jose Rizal and Tony Meloto, Shawie and Pacquiao and Nick Joaquin, galing galing.

Born June 12, 1896, the Republic of the RP is a Gemini, good at connecting, good at loving-loving, good at texting and interpersonal skills.

Filipinos like to yakap, akbay, hawak, kalong, kalabit. We sleep side by side, siping-siping, we go out kabit kabit.

There’s lots of us to go around. Someone always to listen to a sob story, even in a jeepney, to share-a-load or to share a TV.


The Filipino is fearless, bahala na si Batman, which actually means Bathala na or “leave all to God.” Okay lang if I die by bitay, okay lang if I live, okay lang if I survive by the skin of my teeth.

Saway ni Inay: Di ka naman Bill Gates, di ka naman French, mahirap nang magbuhat ng sarili mong bench.

Be Pinoy! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

King Long and Tito Boy

I rode the bus to work yesterday and as soon as I stepped in the vehicle, I noticed something different. Heck, everything was different. There were no disarrayed headrest covers, no broken armrests, no vandalisms on the backs of seats and no foams peeking out of torn leather seats. I should have expected this when I first spotted the bus from the outside. It wasn't the usual Hino or locally-built bus. It had King Long on it's side and back and it was definitely a new bus. It was probably the first bus purchased by any of the bus liners in 30 years so I just had to take a picture:

Notice the plastic still covering the seats? I noticed that too and I can't help but chuckle as I remember Rex Navarrete's comedy about Tito Boy's House. If you haven't heard or watched him yet, do try to catch him if he has shows in your area. I haven't watched him yet but I have all his CDs so I know he's really funny. Though, you'd have to be Filipino or be "related" to one in order to relate. Hehe.

To have a sample of Pinoy humor, visit his site and myspace or simple search for videos of his performances in YouTube. :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is it worth it?

I'm on a roll here. Found a tool on Steve's site which tells how much a blog is worth. I followed the link and tested for my blog's worth. The result, as you can see on the left bar, is $3,951.78! Converted to our currency, that's equivalent to a whopping amount! Not bad for a blog that's roughly 3 months old.

Now, if only there's a way this can translate into real money so that I can quit my job and just blog and blog-hop all day. How I wish! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mashed News

If you're a regular at this blog, you'll notice that I've added a new feature which is TheNewsRoom. I first saw it in cbenc12's blog so I signed up because I wanted to have news feeds in my site. It's cool because you get to choose which news bytes to watch, and from a variety of news resources to boot. You can view them when you hang out in my blog, or you can also mash it into your site by clicking on the Mash icon in the upper right corner of the news feed. I chose the following search terms for the types of news content to display so if you want to add to it, just post a comment :)

Philippines, IT, Technology, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, Movies, Science, Life, Travel, Leisure, World News

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to the CCC* family!

Godzilla invited me to exchange links with him and I willingly obliged. In fact, I created another section on my left-side menu called 'linked list' to accommodate his and others' future requests for link exchanges. I separated the exchange links from my 'friends' list to distinguish between my cyber friends and my personal friends. You will have to scroll a little further down though as I only managed to squeeze it in between the areas for our sponsors (you know you want to cl!ck !t. the @ds ! mean. hehe). To be honest, this multiple scrolling makes me want to apply a different layout to my blog; I'm thinking a 3-column layout. But I like this color scheme and I'm to lazy to find another one. Hehe.

So what are you waiting for? If you think being connected through the MyBlogLog Community and Contact is not enough, and if you really, really, really, really want to be a part of this exclusive clique, add a comment to this post and state your blog's url so I can check if you've already added me to your blogroll then I'll add you to mine!

*Note: If you don't know what CCC stands for then you are not worthy of reading this blog. j/k :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Haven't seen; haven't read

Would you believe that I haven't watched Spider-man 3 yet? Well, I've watched bits and pieces of it while working out in the gym, but not the whole movie from start to finish. It's still showing in the movie theaters here though, but I don't know if I'm going to catch it. Also, I haven't watched Shrek 3 yet. But that I'll just probably wait to show on cable. The last must-see movie I haven't seen yet is Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. This one I still have a plan to watch at the big screen but must be scheduled because I heard it's 3-hours long. I just hope that I'll still be able to understand it because I don't remember what happened in Pirates 2 anymore. Hehe. Mr. Bean's Holiday is also showing right now. But I wasn't able to watch the first Mr. Bean movie several years ago. Though I doubt I need to have watched the first movie to be able to understand this one. But I did watch Johnny English before. Would that count? Hehe.

For the upcoming movies, the ones to watch out for are Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Transformers. Good thing I was able to watch the first Fantastic 4 movie. And just recently, I was also able to watch the cartoon movie of the Transformers in DVD (again, this should not be considered as a pre-requisite as I'm sure that this Transformers movie would be so much different from the '80s cartoon. Harry Potter 5 will also be showing on the 3rd quarter of the year, I think. I've also forgotten what's supposed to happen on this fifth installment of the series based on what I've read on the book so I'll just rely on the movie to refresh my memory. This would also prepare me for Book 6 which I haven't read yet but I have already borrowed copy of from my coworker. So the sequence I should follow is watch HP5 at the movies, read HP6 and then find someone who can lend me a copy of HP7 when it comes out.

Is there anything else I missed?