Friday, June 29, 2007

Chris Benoit

I've always been fascinated by pro-wrestling, even when I was still a child. Of course back then I didn't know that it was all a show. When I found out that it wasn't real, I lost interest and stopped watching (during my high school years). It was only during college when I started watching again, mainly because my younger brother has started watching it too. Since then, I've become updated with the show's happenings, and the wrestlers themselves. I even wanted to watch them when Raw and Smackdown went here last year. I wasn't able to go, but my brother was able to and he even got a picture with Triple H!

When news of Eddie Guerrero's death broke out, I was shocked. Even more with Chris Benoit's murdering of his wife and son, and eventual suicide. What's more sad is that it was drugs that led to these wrestler's self-destruction. Watch the news videos to learn more about the double-murder suicide that happened in Chris Benoit's home over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Lahat talaga, na-shock. All in the business, together with the fans.

Hindi ko lubos maisip na magagawa ni Benoit 'yun. Drugs, walang pinipiling tao.

Rest in peace, Chris Benoit.