Monday, June 4, 2007

Haven't seen; haven't read

Would you believe that I haven't watched Spider-man 3 yet? Well, I've watched bits and pieces of it while working out in the gym, but not the whole movie from start to finish. It's still showing in the movie theaters here though, but I don't know if I'm going to catch it. Also, I haven't watched Shrek 3 yet. But that I'll just probably wait to show on cable. The last must-see movie I haven't seen yet is Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. This one I still have a plan to watch at the big screen but must be scheduled because I heard it's 3-hours long. I just hope that I'll still be able to understand it because I don't remember what happened in Pirates 2 anymore. Hehe. Mr. Bean's Holiday is also showing right now. But I wasn't able to watch the first Mr. Bean movie several years ago. Though I doubt I need to have watched the first movie to be able to understand this one. But I did watch Johnny English before. Would that count? Hehe.

For the upcoming movies, the ones to watch out for are Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Transformers. Good thing I was able to watch the first Fantastic 4 movie. And just recently, I was also able to watch the cartoon movie of the Transformers in DVD (again, this should not be considered as a pre-requisite as I'm sure that this Transformers movie would be so much different from the '80s cartoon. Harry Potter 5 will also be showing on the 3rd quarter of the year, I think. I've also forgotten what's supposed to happen on this fifth installment of the series based on what I've read on the book so I'll just rely on the movie to refresh my memory. This would also prepare me for Book 6 which I haven't read yet but I have already borrowed copy of from my coworker. So the sequence I should follow is watch HP5 at the movies, read HP6 and then find someone who can lend me a copy of HP7 when it comes out.

Is there anything else I missed?


KF said...

Our lists are almost the same!
Here's my To See list:
- Hot Fuzz (bf's choice)
- Waitress
- Knocked Up
- Pirates 3
- Spidey 3
- Transformers (omg, can't wait!!!)

I can skip HP, Shrek the Third, F4 (Jessica Alba moratorium since she's *always* putting her foot in her mouth), Rambo N and Die Hard 4.

kyutbabe said...

I've seen the trailers of Waitress and Knocked Up. But I don't have any idea about Hot Fuzz.