Thursday, June 28, 2007

Open-source Deja Vu

Remember my Open-source woes? I'm still having them. I decided to try another Open-source CMS available in my webhosting package which seems easier to use. However, I find myself being stuck again. I'm trying out Xoops because they have this Xpress module which is supposed to be the WordPress for XOOPS, and the reason I'm interested in this is because Wordpress is supposed to have an easy-to-use migration tool for blog content from Blogger to Wordpress (now you know where my blogpspot is headed. hehe). So I downloaded the module and installed it, but when I go to the Wordpress page, I get this: "Fatal error: Undefined class name 'xoopslocal'". Googling gave several results pointing to the module developers' site, but unfortunately they seem to have exceeded their bandwidth limit. I found a forum stating that the version I have installed (Xpress 1.5.2 only works with XOOPS 2.2 (I have v2.0.16) but that installing the Frameworks will repair the problem. It still did not work. Maybe I have to work a little harder and smarter in attacking this problem. I'll give an update as soon as I find something out.

Patience is a virtue.

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