Monday, August 20, 2007

The Country’s National Bookstore

Remember my gift certificates for National Bookstore which I planned to use to buy books by Kiyosaki at the annual cut-price book sale? Well the month-long sale has started and on its very first day, I trooped over to NBS to give myself a treat. But I didn't buy any Kiyosaki book. What I bought are these:

As you can see in the picture, I bought a paper shredder, a book on the Philippines' stamps called Selyo, the 11th book of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time called Knife of Dreams and the Holy Bible. And all these for a sum of P2500! Since my GCs were only P2300, I had to add P200 more, but that's ok with me coz I still consider it a bargain. Funny thing was, when I looked at the receipt, I found out that it was only the Knife of Dreams that was discounted; the rest were regularly-priced. But I didn't care; I was happy with my stash :)

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