Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Curse of the Black Pearls

After all those penny-pinching and trying to earn money from the Internet, I went ahead and bought myself a set of South Sea pearl earrings and necklace. I chose black pearls because they suit me better than the white ones. I bought them on installment (in my country, the term used is gives: two-gives, three-gives, etc., you get the drift) so I was able to get my jewelry immediately after I issued four post-dated checks to my boss' alahera (jeweller). I already completed the first two payments and I only have two more months to go. The problem is I've run out of funds so I decided that I will pull out my mutual fund investments. They're dollar bond funds and euro bond funds and I've held on to them for two years now. Although their NAVPS increased, I would still get negative profit because of the country's presently strong currency. Two years ago, the exchange rate was P54 to $1 and now it's P45 to a $1. This would translate to a net loss of a couple of thousand pesos so I think it would be wiser to just pull my investments out.

However, I'm not sure if putting my money into jewelry would be an equally wise decision. After all, it's not a very liquid asset and to be perfectly honest, I will only get my money's worth if I am able to find someone who would be willing to buy it when I need to sell it. So why did I buy it? Because it looks pretty on me and (ahem) I look pretty wearing it. Because I'm going to attend two of my friends' weddings next year and I want to wear something nice. Because I can't resist a good bargain. Because it makes me happy. And because I'm a girl. :)

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