Thursday, August 23, 2007

Postie blogs, Postie earns

I have long wondered how some people are able to become professional bloggers. I've been maintaining this blog for some time now and honestly, my earnings from the ads haven't even reached minimum payout. I guess those people who earn a substantial amount from blogging maintain lots of blogs and/or join group blogs where the revenues are divided by the members. But I don't have the time and resources to maintain lots of blogs. So I guess that's not for me.

Good thing there's PayPerPost, a blog marketing site that helps bloggers (me included) earn by paying them to post about the things they're interested in. This would also be good for me on days that I want to write but can't think of a topic to write about.

Aside from the above-mentioned feature, there are also other ways by which a Postie can earn through PPP. There's the referral program wherein I can earn $15 for every person who clicks on my referral badge on the left sidebar at my home page, creates an account and has his/her first blog posting reviewed, approved and accepted. Another is the PayPerPost Direct wherein a visitor can hire me directly to review his/her site.

What's better is that you, my dear readers, can also earn as well. You can review my postings by clicking on the "Get Paid to Review My Post" button below. You earn $7.50 and I earn $7.50 as well. In fact, I have a Pending in my 'Review My Posts' lists. Calling uday chauhan, I you have a review of my blog somewhere, do drop a comment here and share the link so I can see it :)

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