Thursday, August 9, 2007

Watch my weight

140. For a 5'2" female, that's just slightly overweight. But try putting that in the Filipino context and that already translates to a Large size for a blouse and a pair of jeans with a waistline measurement bordering on the number of days on a calendar. This has been the heaviest and biggest I've ever been in my entire life, so far. There used to be a time when I was within my ideal weight zone. But that was three years ago. Back then, shopping was a breeze because the clothes I want actually fit. Now, I don't even window shop anymore for fear that I'll just get frustrated when I see something I like and I won't be able to have it because they don't have it in my size.

I guess age has something to do with my weight gain; my metabolism is not as hyperactive as it once was during my younger years. But more than that, I think the real reason was the stress brought about by my projects in my previous companies. I noticed that I tend to snack when I'm stressed and it does not help that my comfort foods include breads, pastries, chips and Coke. I also usually stop working out when I have a major project because I find that I have no more time and energy left when I work almost 16 hours everyday.

140. I fear that this number will go up in the coming months because I have another major project coming in. As early as now, I'm already seeing the signs. All those analysis of requirements and estimating timelines leave me craving for Tortillos and Snickers. And when I get home after staying late in the office for an overseas conference call, I still eat even if I already had dinner at the office. If it were up to me, I'll just leave it at that. But I can't; I need to lose weight because I'm going to attend two of my friends' weddings early next year. This will entail all the discipline that I have in my body, and that's not saying much. Sucks to be me.

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