Monday, September 24, 2007

The Beauty of Democracy

Much attention has been poured on the NBN (national broadband network) deal with China's ZTE Corp. over the past few weeks, as should have been the case. Just last week, the Senate concluded it's hearings with the people involved and now the contract has been suspended. Though it has not yet been fully terminated, we saw democracy happen at the proceedings. The Senators gave voice to the people who voted for them and asked their questions for them.

It's high time we let those crooks in barongs know that we won't stand for this foolishness any longer. To Commissioner Benjamin Abalos and his cohorts, you can tell us that you've lost your car keys or your mind even, but you cannot tell us that you lost that damn contract. A document that has a great impact on the whole Filipino people and its future generations should not be taken so lightly and for granted. And you just can't lose a thing like that, or have it stolen, or whatever excuse you can think of just so its content won't be revealed to the whole nation.

Although the government is not yet keen on cancelling the project, it's good to know that other forces within it are still at work to clear out everything and make sure that the Filipino people will not be compromised. The Senate wants to continue its probing and the House will be conducting their own investigation as well. I say, the more the merrier, just as long as this issue does not get covered up and forgotten once another controversy comes along.

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