Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun at the Arcade

Last Saturday, I went to the ComPEWter Power seminar together with my boyfriend. We just met my friend Gezelle at the venue because she had to serve as usherette, as it was her church who held the event. The seminar was fun and informative, and the speaker presented his demos in Office 2007 which was great. I even bought a book authored by the speaker, Jerry Liao, and had my picture taken with him after I got his autograph. After the seminar, we had to leave Gezelle behind because there was still another session. So my boyfriend and I headed off to the SM Mall of Asia, which was just near the venue.

When we got to MOA, we looked for a place to eat and settled at Gram's Diner. As what usually happens when we dine out together, I didn't like what I ordered (breakfast plate - bacon, eggs and pancakes) so we ended up sharing what he ordered (Philly Cheese Steak). Then we roamed around the mall and went into the arcades. The first arcade we went into was Timezone. My boyfriend bought a Powercard then he introduced me to the Pinball Machine. I didn't think I would enjoy playing Pinball because I get so stressed out when I play 3D Pinball in Wondows XP, but I did! We played The Simpson's Pinball Party and I was really fascinated with the playing field, the recorded sounds and the blinking lights. Too bad the ball keeps getting stuck at a specific place on the board so we got tired of waiting and tried out other arcade machines. We tried the Stacker game and we almost got the major prize but we didn't. Of course, the major prize here is just a Gameboy Micro, unlike in the US where it's a Nintendo Wii. Then my boyfriend tried one of the crane machines, because he was supposedly good at that. But instead of getting me my hello kitty plush doll, he just got the consolation prize which was a handful of candy. Of course, if I'd known that there was a technique to playing that machine then I would have tried to get that stuff toy for myself. Hehe.

Our next stop was the Quantum Power Station but since we didn't find any game to our liking, we roamed around again and went into another Timezone (yes, the MOA is so big it can house 3 arcades, plus an IMAX theatre, and an Olympic sized skating rink!). Here we played The Lord of the Rings which was also fun because there are quests much like those in the movie trilogy. My boyfriend even got a free game because he reached the replay score.

All in all, it was a fun day. It was just a little exhausting walking around the mall but we needed the exercise anyway so that's ok :)

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