Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WoT will happen to the Wheel of Time?

Just as I finished reading Book 11: The Knife of Dreams, the author of the Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan, dies. He was supposed to be writing the last installment of the series and as if playing a practical joke on his readers, he dies without us ever getting to read what happens at the Last Battle. In a way, maybe the author intended it to be this way (not the dying part) -- no Last Battle, or at least no one lives long enough to see it.

Makes me think how it is much the same way in this life. We've been taught that there will be a Judgment Day, a Second Coming. But we probably won't be here to witness it, not in this lifetime. And so we just go on with our life, knowing that we have our own personal endings, and make the best of it. Everything comes to an end and the bitter part is that we just don't know when. My only wish is that I'll be able to do everything that I wanted to do before I die. Then at my deathbed, I'll be able to look back at everything I've done in my life and say to myself, I've done all I could.

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