Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Send and receive funds via Paypal now supported for Philippine accounts

I logged into my PayPal account this morning and saw a wonderful surprise: receiving and withdrawing funds in PayPal is now available for Philippine-based accounts! It used to be that we were only allowed to send payments through PayPal but now, they've made receiving funds possible as well. This is very exciting news for all Filipinos engaged in online trading and for bloggers like me who are trying to earn a little money online. Too bad, my PayPerPost and ClickSalary earnings got lost somewhere in cyberspace; they funded my account 2 weeks ago and they said that when they did that, they received a message from PayPal saying that receiving funds is not yet supported for Philippine-based accounts. But PayPal kept the money anyway and PPP and ClickSalary said they have no way of retrieving. I emailed PayPal about it and they said nothing shows in my History log. So who do I believe? I believe PPP and ClickSalary so I'm still pestering PayPal to find my lost money. Hope they find it 'coz $21 can go a long way in this country ;-)

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