Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?

Definitely not to London to visit the queen. I've been busy at the office working on a project that's due this month. Yes my friends, that's what happens whenever I have a project with a tight schedule. Everything else ceases to exist until the project is finished; my health and weight suffers, my social calendar gets wiped out and my blogging stops. Aside from the lack of time, I attribute this to my one-track mindedness (and here I thought women were supposed to be multi-taskers!). With my focus on my project, I don't think of anything else, even on weekends. This time is an exception because I've got a long weekend and it's my birthday month so I decided to give myself some slack.

Needless to say, if I haven't been so immersed in my work, I would have blogged about a couple of things that happened last month.

1. The Estrada conviction and pardon - I had mixed emotions about this and honestly, I don't know where I stand anymore. Mybe there really is no lesser evil in Philippine politics. They are all evil.

2. Ang Pagbabalik ng Komiks - The younger generation may not be aware that the Philippines used to have a flourishing comics industry. It was not anywhere near the US comics as we had our own style, subject and story-telling but the characters that were popularized were just as fantastic. And now, thanks largely to the husband-wife tandem Carlo J. caparas and Donna Villa, the Philippine comics industry is back, alive and kicking.

3. The Glorietta 2 blasting - Eleven people died and hundreds more were injured when a huge explosion occured at Glorietta 2 on October 19. Initial speculations were leaning towards terrorism but after weeks of investigation, the PNP (Philippine National Police) is now firm in its theory of a an accidental gas explosion as the cause of the very tragic event. If this is the case, the Ayala Management will definitely be held responsible. And more than answering to the survivors and victim's family, they have an even greater responsibility to making sure that this doesn't happen anymore in any of their malls.

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