Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post-birthday posting

It's nearly Christmas and I'm posting about my birthday which happened a month ago. Well I say better late than never. Here are just some of the highlights:

1. I turned 28. I don't feel old but I feel like having a mid-life crisis already. At the same time, I feel like my life hasn't even begun.

2. I had my second Dampa experience. The first one was when a coworker celebrated his birthday in September and treated us to dinner at the Dampa along Macapagal Ave. This time it was I who treated my coworkers (yes, in my office and in the the Filipino culture, it is the birthday celebrant who treats his/her friends) but I didn't mind. I just wished I was able to join the marketing (pamamalengke) so I could have taken pictures at the wet market; the food was already cooked when I arrived. Nevertheless, my coworkers and I had a feast and I even got to bring home 3 plastic bags full of leftovers!

3. I was finally able to go to the Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo). I have been wanting to visit the Cubao Expo for a long time so I was thrilled when I was able to go there together with my boyfriend and my best friend. My boyfriend and I arrived first at Cubao so we decided to eat at Cafe Bola because we love love love their curry! When Gezelle arrived, we headed straight to Cubao Expo. We weren't able to buy anything but we had lots of fun browsing through the antique shops and trying on clothes and shoes. To bad we weren't able to try out the Italian restaurant, Bellini's, because we had just eaten. But we did go to Trinoma after we were done with our Cubao Expo experience. We toured Gezelle because it was her first time to go there then we had oysters for dinner at Marina (see Gezelle's side of the story here). All in all, it was a tiring yet wonderful day.

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