Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas Wishlist ‘07 updated

As much as I want to post the pictures of my USB paper shredder and Bao Ding balls, I can't because I have no camera. My Canon digicam is at the service center again because it won't power on. The person at the service center told me that it could be because of the fuse or the board. I hope it's just a blown-out fuse, which the guy estimated a charge of P1500 for replacement parts and labor). Otherwise, it would seem a smarter idea to buy a new digicam than having the board replaced. I will know by the end of the week if my digicam has a chance of being revived. I really hope my digicam pulls through because I have two weddings to attend on March and I want to take pictures and have my pictures taken as well with my digicam.

Back to my wishlist, I was able to buy the Bao Ding balls at a Chinese shop in Greenhills. The USB paper shredder I was able to buy from Cdr-king yesterday (where I also bought a USB battery charger + AAA battery). I would have been able to cross out the Matchbox Twenty cd as well because I already bought it last week. Unfortunately, I accidentally left it on the bus on my way home from work :( So I have to buy that and the Mitch Albom book next time. I have other journals (I collect them, btw) so the Emily Morphing Journal is not a priority.

Hopefully for my next post, I'll be able to think of a better title. Hehe.

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