Friday, January 11, 2008

Hobbies Updated

1. Coins - Last month, I was invited to an open auction hosted by the Bayanihan Collector's Club, Inc. Though I didn't have any plans of joining the auction, I went anyway because my friend told me that there were also items for sale in the booths. True enough, there were a variety of knick-knacks, stamps, postcards, coins, and antique items for sale at bargain prices. I bought myself a 3-piece set of coin albums. It was secondhand so I got it for P1,200 (approximately $30).

2. Postcards - Based on my Postcrossing profile, I already received 29 postcards but I got more than this count because some people sent more than one postcard and requested private swaps.

3. On my way to work the other day, I fell asleep on the bus and I missed my stop. When I stepped down the bus, I found myself in front of the Makati Post Office. I decided to go in and found out that they have a PostShop where they sell previously released Philippine stamps. This definitely made the long walk back to the office worth it. Take a look at what I got:

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