Friday, January 25, 2008

The Universe is Conspiring

Without even advertising it, I got a client for my host reselling business. Well, the client is my best friend, but that still counts. But hear this, just yesterday, a coworker asked me about webhosting and domain registration because she has a friend who is interested and I said I offer both services. She said she will tell her friend and get back to me. So that's another potential client. It's so exciting to see events unraveling without expecting them to, really! But I've decided that I will give the Universe a little help by sharing my web hosting plans here. If you're residing in the Philippines and you want to have your own corner in the vast Internet space, I can provide webhosting services for you and I'll register your domain to boot. Just give me a shout and I'll handhold you 'til you're ready to set up your own website. Here are my rates:

Domain Registration: $10 (Yearly) - conversion rate will be based on BSP's advisory, for .ph domains, it's $70 for 2 years.
Personal Plan: 600 Php (Yearly) - 100 MB Disk Space and 1,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer/Bandwidth
Standard Plan: 1200 Php (Yearly) - 200 MB Disk Space and 2,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer/Bandwidth
Business Plan: 3000 Php (Yearly) - 500 MB Disk Space and 5,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer/Bandwidth

If you want the full specs of each plan, I can also give it to you. I don't offer web development services right now but who knows; with the right price, I just might ;-)

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