Monday, February 18, 2008

Postcards Galore!

I've finally come around to scanning my postcards over the weekend. These are just the postcards which I've received as member of the great Postcard Crossing Project, Postcrossing; so they're not my complete collection yet. But it's a start. Can't wait to upload my coin and stamp collection as well; just need to find the time.

Oh and if you're wondering why the thumbnails lead to another site, this is because I've uploaded them to Shareapic. Can't upload them to my host as I might go over my disk quota. With Shareapic, I can upload as many pictures as I want and not only that, I also earn a little for every page view. Organizing my pictures and uploading them is also much easier with their tool, Mass Uploader. So if you would also like to enjoy these benefits and more, sign up now!

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