Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Racing to the No. 1 Spot

I've been religiously following The Amazing Race Asia so I'm excited to know who will emerge the victorious team when the finale airs on Thursday. During the early parts of the race, the strong contender was the tandem of Marc and Rovilson (Philippine team) but at this point, it's really anyone's ballgame.

For those not in the know, the final three teams are Marc & Rovilson (Philippines), Adrian & Collin (Singapore) and Pamela & Vanessa (Malaysia). Marc & Rovilson have arrived first in majority of the pitstops but Adrian & Collin have always been close behind them. In fact Adrian & Collin have beaten them a couple of times by drawing up pretty clever strategies such as using the internet to check the train routes and schedule in Episode 10 and marking the rails using Chinese characters when they were counting the struts on the Elizabeth Bridge in Episode 11. Pamela & Vanessa arrived first in the first leg of the race and if they play their cards right then they may very well do the same thing in the last leg of the race. These sisters do very well in the challenges but they have a tendency to get lost, especially when they fight or when they don't read the instructions right.

I'm torn between Marc & Rovilson and Pamela & Vanessa at who I want to win on this season of the Amazing Race Asia. The sisters deserve to win for all the obstacles they've overcome during the course of the race -- one time being involved in a road accident and the other, Vanessa losing her short-term memory temporarily after the high dive in Episode 9. Also, with all the prizes Marc & Rovilson have accumulated, it seems all right if they don't win first prize. But they're representing the Philippine team so I want to root for them and I want them to win. National pride wins over girl power, so there, I hope Marc & Rovilson wins The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 :)

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