Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I’m a nerd!

Despite what my former classmates and my boyfriend tell me, I never really considered myself a nerd. I just love learning new things that's why I can watch Discovery Science all day, I tell myself. The realization just hit me this past Holy Week vacation. After finishing The Lord of Stormweather, the last book of the Sembia series of the Forgotten Realms, I got down to scanning another batch of my postcards. After that, I went through my stamp collection to pick out what I can use for trading. As if those weren't nerdy enough, I then turned to my coin collection to organize them and and put them in the coin albums I purposely bought for this coin-organizing vacation. As I was sliding each coin into the slots in the album, I found myself enjoying the whole experience and that's when I realized, I really am a nerd. I said it out loud and a big smile crossed my face.

Maybe I knew it all along and I just didn't want to admit it to myself before. But hey, if I'm happy doing nerdy stuff, then a nerd I shall always be. I'll be bothered when I start imitating bird calls but until then, I'm just going to let it be. I even wondered if I can consider myself a geek. I work in IT, I like playing computer games and I drool over gadgets (have you seen this?) but I don't feel as passionate about these things as much as I do with my nerdy interests. I look at my boyfriend and I say, "That's a geek!". And since I'm not entirely like my boyfriend, I'm not a geek. So I'll just settle with being a nerd.

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