Saturday, March 1, 2008

Living in interesting times

So there's another rally happening just outside our office building. They call it an inter-faith prayer rally, maybe because they're tired of calling it people power. Clearly they can't call it EDSA (4, 5 ... n) anymore because it's not happening along EDSA but along Ayala Ave (holding rallies at the EDSA shrine has been prohibited after the failed EDSA 3). The whole of Ayala Ave and part of Paseo de Roxas have been blocked off to traffic to accommodate the multitude of people who have gathered to call for the resignation of Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The deposed Pres. Joseph "Erap" Estrada was reported to have been with the first wave of protesters who have arrived. In a wicked twist of fate, the two political figures have traded places with Erap calling for the other's resignation now (back in 2001, it was Erap who was being asked to resign and refused to step down, leading to his being ousted and eventual impeachment). But it seems that Erap is not the "hero" this time around but Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada Jr., the witness to the ZTE-NBN deal. What can I say, the Filipinos just love the underdog. Or we just love to rally. Either way, the whole thing is causing a great turmoil in the political scene. Yet, this does not seem to have affected the peso which has reached an eight-year high at P40.25. Crazy happenings indeed!

To learn more about what started it all and to be updated with the latest proceedings, click here.

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