Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out and About

Sorry for the long absence. Let's just say I've been living my life instead of blogging about it. So many new developments so here's my update.

  • Stamps - Got some free stamps from Peter Elias and traded Philippine stamps for Netherlands stamps with Hans Engelfriet. Thanks guys! Also found a shop at Tiendesitas which sells the kind of stamp albums that I like. Got to save up for those!

  • Coins - Finally organized my world coins in the coin albums I bought from National Bookstore. Although I'm not sure if they're PVC-free. They're probably not so my coin collector friend will probably scold me if he finds out about this.

  • Postcards - Still active in Postcrossing. I've already sent out 49 postcards and received 41.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project: University Tower Condo Unit For Rent

Anniversary payment, check! Turnover fees, not yet. But I did get to see my unit! :) I went there last Monday, which was a holiday here. Being a holiday, there were no people at the information office who can help me with the processing of papers for the turnover. At least the guard at the reception had the key to my unit so I was able to check it out. I'll describe it so you can imagine. It's 23 sq.m. with a rectangle layout. Upon entering, you have the kitchen to the right and the toilet and bath to the left. Walk straight ahead and at the end of the room, you have the windows facing the UST field.