Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out and About

Sorry for the long absence. Let's just say I've been living my life instead of blogging about it. So many new developments so here's my update.

  • Stamps - Got some free stamps from Peter Elias and traded Philippine stamps for Netherlands stamps with Hans Engelfriet. Thanks guys! Also found a shop at Tiendesitas which sells the kind of stamp albums that I like. Got to save up for those!

  • Coins - Finally organized my world coins in the coin albums I bought from National Bookstore. Although I'm not sure if they're PVC-free. They're probably not so my coin collector friend will probably scold me if he finds out about this.

  • Postcards - Still active in Postcrossing. I've already sent out 49 postcards and received 41.

  • Work - We went to Puerto Galera for our company outing last weekend. We stayed at Hollywood Palms Hotel and we really enjoyed it because the rooms are nice, the service is great and the food is simply delicious. It was my first time to go island hopping and snorkeling and it truly was a wonderful experience. Wish I had an underwater camera so I could capture the beautiful creatures of the sea.

  • Family - My brother passed the Ateneo Law School entrance examinations and interview. Not sure if he's going to study though. He's interested in a position he applied for in a property development company and he's just waiting for an offer; then he'll decide. My sister is taking up a medical transcription course at MTC Academy and I'm really glad she's enjoying it. It's a 6-month course with the last two months serving as internship period. Then it's off to work. I could just imagine my mother's smile when she sees her three children working and giving her some cash every payday. Hehe.

  • Travel - I'm planning a Bohol trip with my boyfriend on my birthday. I was able to avail of the Great Miles Getaway promo of Mabuhay Miles so we only paid for the taxes and other fees for the roundtrip tickets for Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila. I'm still looking for a resort though but I'm not worried because my birthday is still seven months away.

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