Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project: University Tower Condo Unit For Rent

Anniversary payment, check! Turnover fees, not yet. But I did get to see my unit! :) I went there last Monday, which was a holiday here. Being a holiday, there were no people at the information office who can help me with the processing of papers for the turnover. At least the guard at the reception had the key to my unit so I was able to check it out. I'll describe it so you can imagine. It's 23 sq.m. with a rectangle layout. Upon entering, you have the kitchen to the right and the toilet and bath to the left. Walk straight ahead and at the end of the room, you have the windows facing the UST field.

I checked the water in the bathroom sink and it's working. Then I checked the flush on the toilet but it's not working, maybe I should have turned the knob below the tank to let the water flow. I forgot to check the water at the shower and the kitchen sink though. Also, I couldn't check the power switch because there are no bulbs. I'll need to check everything the next time I come back, to make sure that everything is perfectly fine. My friend who has her own condo unit gave me some tips on what to look out for:

  • check if toilet flush is working

  • check if all faucets and shower head has running water

  • check if there are no leaks under the sinks, toilets and faucets

  • check the door lock

  • check the window lock if there is any

  • check all the power outlets if there is current

  • check all light switches and bulb sockets

I could rent it out as-is but I want to make life more comfortable for the future tenant so I'm thinking of having it semi-furnished. My boyfriend has an extra bed frame and he's going to donate it to me (thanks babe!). At least the person who will rent my unit only need to provide for his or her own mattress. Next, there's no built-in cabinet for clothes so I may have to ask our carpenter/handyman to build one for me. Then the rest are just nice to haves: bathroom mirror, curtain rod and shower rod. And I almost forgot the light bulbs/CFLs -- those are must-haves.

Now all I need to do is to find the time to do all of these. Definitely need to finish all these by the end of the month. School starts in June so it would be good to have the unit ready by May for viewing.

Feel free to give more tips, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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