Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update: Project: University Tower Condo Unit For Rent

Here's an update to my condo posting. I was able to finalize my condo turnover just last week so I immediately set about to fixing up my unit. I only had to buy the light bulbs and bathroom mirror because I found out that we already had extra curtain and shower rods. My sister who used to stay in a dorm had an easy-to-assemble closet so I didn't have to have a cabinet built, that's a huge savings on my budget. My boyfriend and I brought the bed frame to the unit and assembled it. He says they also have an extra airconditioning unit which he can donate to me (yay! thanks again babe!), but I'll have to see first if the future tenant would need it.

After putting everything in order, I invited my photographer-friend to come over and take pictures of my unit (she also prepared the set of pictures above). I plan to add these to the classified ads I've posted online.

So far, there have been a lot of prospective tenants but none has confirmed yet. We'll see in a couple of weeks :)

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