Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going once, Going twice, Sold!

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I attended the auction meeting of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club (FSCC). It was held at the Philippine Postal Corporation at Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila with members and non-members in attendance. I was not a member yet but I did sign up on that day.

I learned about FSCC through the Philippine Philatelists Yahoo Group which I was a part of. Lawrence Chan, the FSCC VP, is also a member of the group and he sent an invitation for us to join the Postal History Walking Tour which he will be guiding. He also informed us that the FSCC is going to hold it's monthly meeting where there will be an auction and free merienda (snacks).

Thinking of the free snacks (just kidding), I emailed Lawrence and told him I'm joining the walking tour. Unfortunately, my bf and I got lost on the way to the postal office so the tour group has already left when we got to there. So we just proceeded to the FSCC auction meeting where the lot viewing is already taking place. It was the first time I've ever joined a live auction (ebay doesn't count) and I was quite excited. I got to bid on some items and actually won a few. It really was a fun experience and I can't wait for the next meeting (third Sunday of every month). And maybe next time, we'll be able to join the walking tour :)

Here is a list of the items I was able to win at the auction:

  • Netherlands 225 pcs. used stamps

  • Mauritius used 8 different Queen Liz

  • SpanPhil 10 different unused

  • RP souvenir album 1969 Leyte landing minor stain

  • RP souvenir album 1970 UPU

  • RP mint 1985 Cebu City strip of 4 2 set with label

  • RP mint 1978 PLDT

  • RP mint 1982 Philatelic week

  • RP mint 1995 International School

  • RP mint 1990 National Catechetical

  • RP mint 1994 HK Exhibit

  • RP mint 1990 Census

  • rp MINT 2005 National Stamp Collecting Month/s

  • RP mint 1996 Gomburza

  • RP mint 1990 Famous Filipinos

  • RP FDC 1979 International Year of the Child

  • USPI commercial cover 7 pcs.

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