Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got check. Now what?

I received my Clixsense check yesterday! I set my ClixSense account to send me the check once I reach minimum payout, just so I can make sure that they really do pay out. Minimum amount is $10, and I did reach that. Maybe they just had to deduct a processing fee that's why the amount on the check is only $7.33. So there I was, so excited to have received my payment until I realized I don't know how I'm going to encash this. I went to my bank to find out if I can deposit it in my savings account. The bank representative told me that unfortunately, they only accept a minimum of $150 check for it to be deposited to a Peso account. Now if only I had a Dollar account then I won't have any problem depositing this check even if it's just a small amount. So I thought, why don't I open a Dollar account? I asked the bank rep how much I need to open a Dollar account. "$500, that's also the minimum maintaining balance", was her reply. Sadly, I didn't have that kind of money so I just left.

I guess I'll just keep this check as a souvenir and charge that $7.33 to experience. And maybe I'll save up that $500 so I can open a Dollar account in the future. Until then, I'll just configure my online money-making ventures to send me the payment check when I reach the minimum of $150.

So what did I learn from this experience? It's that in this day and age of global money transactions, minimum is key!

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