Monday, June 23, 2008

Turning our Mustang Inside-Out

The Mustang parts we ordered finally arrived. They came in two balikbayan boxes, which my brother immediately opened to sort out the contents. He divided them into several piles, by function, in order to find out if all items were complete. It turned out that there were three small parts missing but other than that, all items in the list were accounted for.

Since my brother is already working, he has only the weekends to work on the car. This would mean that the restoration will take a long while. But we're not in a rush so that's ok. The only drawback is that our house has become one big auto repair shop. Just last week, my brother has hired a mechanic to take out the car's engine. Now, car parts are littered everywhere you turn and there's lots of grease stain on the garage floor. Oh well, just as long as our dogs don't ingest any of the small car parts or the grease, then I guess we can all live with it. :)

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