Monday, July 14, 2008

Soon-to-be Dancing Queen

I can't believe it took me more than a year to start working on my "To-Enroll-In" list. Well, better late than never, I say. Just this month, I enrolled in Cardio Hiphop and Bachata dance classes at Studio 116, together with my officemates. Cardio Hiphop is at Tuesdays and Bachata on Wednesdays so that's a total of 8 dance sessions for this month. We started last week and we found it really enjoyable. Although I found myself wishing I was more fit so I didn't have to stop every now and then to catch my breath and drink some water.

Cardio Hiphop was more like Taebo, with a lot of kicking and jumping around. I thought we would be taught actual hiphop dance steps but it turned out that was for another class, Choreo Hiphop, where there is a whole hiphop dance routine. At least we made the right choice with Bachata. Bachata is a sexy dance which originated from the Dominican Republic and is danced to with a partner. There were more girls than guys in our class so it was a good thing that Studio 116 has some staff who serve as dance partners when there are unequal number of guys and girls. Me, I got to dance with the instructor himself then with another guy in the class. Dancing in heels took a little getting used and my calves ached for the rest of the week but I guess it will be all worth it if I can progress from this:

to this:

Then I'll decide if I want to try other dances and fulfill my fantasy of joining a dancesport competition, or a dance show on TV at the least ;-)

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