Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dreaming of Europe

My Kongregate check arrived last week and I was already able to deposit it to my Landbank Dollar Savings Account. It nearly got rejected by Landbank because they said they don't accept personal foreign checks. I said that before opening my account, I specifically asked if I can deposit foreign checks and they said that I could so they have to honor that. So they accepted the check and said that there would be a 45-day clearing period after the originating bank of the check (Wells Fargo) responds to them. If the originating bank does not cash the check (bogus account, no funds, etc), I will be charged $10; otherwise, I will just be charged $1 processing fee. So assuming I am able to cash the check, I would have $174 in my account by next month. Minimum amount to earn interest is $500 so unless I add to my savings, my money will just be sitting there. I don't want to close my account just yet so I decided I will just keep adding to my account whenever I have the money. Then I thought of a brilliant idea. Why not use this account to save up for that European tour I've been dreaming of?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nuffnang wants 68 bloggers

So, I signed up in Nuffnang last week and now they already have a promo for their members. How cool is that! Bloggers just need to satisfy 5 requirements and be one of the lucky 68 who will be declared winners to receive P500 prize money:

1. Add an ad unit to your site for one whole month so people can distinguish that you’re not just a blogger but a Nuffnanger. - Check! Aside from the skyscraper unit on my right sidebar, I added a rectangle ad unit on my home page just above the blog section for extra visibility ;-)

2. You need to be an exclusive member of Nuffnang. - Check! I know that I'm an exclusive member of Nuffnang because I haven't signed up with any other ad network that originates from South East Asia (Seriously, is there any other blog ad network created by and for South East Asian people? Only Nuffnang comes to mind.)

3. Post an entry describing one feature of Nuffnang that you like best. - So here's the best thing I like about Nuffnang, being part of the Nuffnang Glitterati. Being an exclusive member of Nuffnang, I was automatically included in the Glitterati after only 48 hours from initial sign-up. What are the benefits of being in the Glitterati you ask? Better payment rates, shorter payment terms, advertorial opportunities that are not available to non-exclusive Nuffnangers, more seats in Community Events, higher priority prize allocation in Contests and eligibility to the use of Innit, a tool developed and hosted by Nuffnang to add the additional service of driving traffic to any Nuffnang blog. Nuffnang Glitterati, the best. Check!

4. Share to your readers the experiences in signing-up at Nuffnang, like on how to register, be an exclusive member and how to post an ad unit. - Check! I've already told you about where to sign-up in my first post about Nuffnang, but just in case you've missed it, it's at http://www.nuffnang.com.ph/blogger-registration. Just complete the registration, add your blog to the "Blog Manager" then post an ad unit to your blog by getting the scripts from "Add Ad". Make sure you're not connected to any other local blog ad network and after 48 hours, you'll be an exclusive Nuffnanger. Easy, ain't it?

5. Send the link of your entry to email address nuffnang68@gmail.com - I'll do this right after I publish this post. Check!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nuffnang is here!

Nuffnang is Asia's first blog advertising community which was first set up in Malaysia and Singapore. Now, Filipino bloggers can enjoy the benefits of being part of the Nuffnang community because there's already Nuffnang in the Philippines! It was launched last week and now I'm a proud member! Can't wait to see the ads they have and can't wait to start earning! If you're a blogger residing here in the Philippines, join Nuffnang now!

(Just a little trivia, the headgear of the stickman in the Nuffnang Philippines logo is called a 'salakot'.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Landbank it is

To prevent another check from going to waste because I was not able to cash it, I decided to open a dollar savings account with Landbank. I looked at other banks' websites and even went to the banks' branches but all of them require a minimum initial deposit of $200. It was only Landbank which required $100 minimum initial deposit so I went with this one. Now with my Landbank Dollar Savings Account, I'll be able to deposit my Kongregate Weekly Loot Challenge winner's check of $75 when it arrives in the mail 3-4 weeks from now. Sweet :)