Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elite Entrecard

Entrecard has deleted my account with them. First time was when my site went down this weekend. They sent me an email saying that they deleted my account because it was in violation of Rule #10 of their blog quality standards: "URLs must be valid: Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted." I myself didn't know that my URL was not working. It turned out that my webhost moved to different servers and even though I already changed the DNS in my domain registration, they still have some maintenance work to do. Anyway, my site was immediately restored yesterday so I emailed Entrecard, asking for reconsideration. Now, I get another email from them saying that my account will remain deleted because they reviewed my site and found it to be in violation of Rule #4 (Content must be original: Reproduced content does not provide the specific qualities we are looking for in the Entrecard network. This includes both sites that use legitimate reprintable content such as “free articles”, abstracts and public domain content as well as illegitimate, illegal content such as stolen content or scraped feeds. Duplicate content, such as posts that appear on two or more blogs belonging to the same person is also unacceptable.) and Rule #5 (No full-screen ads or popups: Blogs that include full-screen ads or popups will be removed. This includes any popup window that appears when the site has finished loading or when clicking to view an article. It is OK for links to display a popup window if the user clicks a link, e.g. FeedBurner email subscription, but popup ads or forceful messages asking people to subscribe without clicking anything are intrusive and therefore not allowed.). I'm sure I have disabled the full-screen ads in my site and I haven't put in any popups so I don't know why I'm in violation of Rule #5. I do recognize that I'm violating Rule #4 because of my News content (News Snapshots and Recent News) but I'm not about ready to give up that one. I visit my own site because that's where I read about the latest news happening around the world. Now I don't know if my readers like the layout of my home page. Would they rather see the blog part at the top? I might change the layout next year, move around some stuff and lessen the ads. But that's for next year; I don't want to change anything now. So I guess I would just have to let go of Entrecard. Maybe I'll reapply next year. Or maybe not. I'll miss my droppers though. I just hope they have BlogCatalog or MyBLogLog so I can still see them when they drop by.

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