Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Singin’ in the rain … and flood

To indulge my friend's request for me to blog less about my blog and more about me, I'm giving you all a peek at last weekend's misadventure:

It all started with my boyfriend and I going to the Petron branch at Katipunan Ave. to have the wheel alignment of my car checked. The mechanic told me that some parts need to be changed to correct the tire swerving so I asked for a price quote. I called my brother to ask if the price was right and he told me it was too much so I decided to just have it fixed the next day, at the Petron station near our place and with my brother around. So with that, my bf and I took off with my car and headed to Tiendesitas to hang out and have some coffee.

When we reached Tiendesitas, I remembered I have to buy some toiletries. So we went to the SM Hypermart beside it and did some grocery shopping. Then we got hungry. Not wanting to eat rice for our afternoon snack (there were a lot of grill places at SM Food court and Tiendesitas) I suggested eating at Jollibee which is just around the corner. While eating at Jollibee, it started to rain. We thought it would never end and we'd be stuck in Jollibee for hours because we didn't have any umbrella with us. But then it started to look like it was about to stop so I suggested we make a dash for Tiendesitas so we can finally have our coffee. Midway from Jollibee to Tiendesitas, it began to rain hard again. Good thing there was a waiting shed so we stopped there. We were laughing hard by this time, unbelieving of the series of unfortunate events. So we waited and hoped for the rain to stop because we were starting to get cold in our wet clothes. But the rain poured on and just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, we noticed that the floodwater was already rising. We had to make a quick decision because soon the flood would reach our feet and we wouldn't want that to happen. So we made a run for it and reached SM after going through the rain again and splashing through some major puddles. As if the gods were playing tricks on us, the rain stopped after a few minutes. But it took a while for the flash flood to subside so I was still glad we left the waiting shed. It was at this point that I took out my camera and shot the flooded area. Then we went inside SM and from the window, I took more shots of the road and even the waiting shed where we stayed. Then we went back to Tiendesitas.

Reminiscing, it wasn't a totally bad day. After all, we were able to have our coffee :)

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