Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tsokolate-Ah! at Manila Peninsula

This post is a bit overdue because we went to Manila Peninsula's Chocolate Buffet last Oct 24 and I'm only writing about it now. So forgive me if I don't give the details of our chocolate encounter. I'm hoping that the pictures would suffice to show you what a wonderful evening we had!

It all started with Gezelle realizing that she wants to try out new dessert places. Then she found out about Manila Peninsula's Tsokolate-Ah! Chocolate Buffet and so she invited Rhea and I to try it out with her. And since she just got her leave conversion bonus, she had this brilliant idea that she will treat us so that got us all the more excited. Rhea asked if her hubby, Art, could join us (Art would be paying for himself) and we obliged. So Gezelle made the reservations and then the day for us to pig-out on chocolate came. Since Rhea and Art have an event to attend to at the office (they work at the same office), they said that they'll just meet us at the hotel. Gezelle and I met at my office lobby to have dinner because the buffet doesn't start till 9pm. We just ate the cafeteria then proceeded to walk to Manila Peninsula.

When we got there, my breath was taken away by the magnificence of the hotel's lobby. We then proceeded to our reserved table and only then did I notice that the beautiful music was being played by a live string band. We were thirty minutes early but we were not the only ones waiting for the buffet to start; the other tables are filled as well. The buffet consisted of two tables filled with all sorts of chocolate treats. I asked Gezelle to take pictures of the buffet while we were waiting and she only got a couple of shots before a waiter approached her and told her that taking pictures of the buffet was not allowed. I don't know why that is, but at least they don't forbid taking pictures of the chocolates once they're on the diner's tables. So we just waited for Rhea and Art to arrive. They came just a few minutes before the buffet started.

Then 9pm came and we went to chocolate heaven. We stayed there for 1 1/2 hours, only going back to earth to sip our coffee or tea (green tea for me). There were chocolate tarts, cakes, puddings, ice cream, fondue and truffles! No words left our mouths to describe the delectable treats, only oohs and aahs after each chocolatey bite. I especially liked the flourless chocolate cake and the chocolate mousse. After an hour, I started feeling giddy, must be the chocolate high. I chomped on for 30 more minutes then I stopped coz I was already fully satisfied. We rested for a while then at 11:30pm, paid our bill and left the hotel.

What I found interesting was that my throat didn't hurt after all those chocolates. Usually when I eat a chocolate bar, my throat hurts from the sweetness. That must be the difference between commercial and premium grade chocolates. So if you want to have that ultimate chocolate experience, try the Tsokolate-Ah! Chocolate Buffet, only at the Manila Peninsula.

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