Monday, February 23, 2009

Health is truly wealth

There were 2 winners in last night's lotto draw so they will have to divide between them the jackpot prize of 347M, the highest pot amount reached ever since PCSO started the national lottery. I bought a ticket for that draw but I didn't win. Even so, I find myself feeling very grateful because my sister has undergone a successful cataract surgery. Just an update on my post last week, it was really fortunate that her thyroid tests did not reveal any problem so she was cleared for operation by her endocrinologist and was admitted last Thursday. She had her operation last Friday and she was discharged from the hospital last Saturday. Now she still has to wear goggles to protect her eyes from dirt and prevent her from rubbing her eyes, but she can already see clearly. She walks even faster now because she can already see where she's going and she doesn't have to worry about bumping into furniture and other things. I also noticed that her posture has improved, she walks more upright and now looks directly at the person talking to her. Another good news revealed by the ophthalmologist was that her retinas are still intact and does not seem to be affected yet by her diabetes. Tomorrow she will have a follow-up checkup and by next week she probably won't need her goggles anymore.

So even if I still have to look for money to pay for the debts we incurred for the operation, seeing the smile on my sister's face makes it all worth it. Of course, a little help from winning in the lottery wouldn't have hurt. ;-)

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