Friday, July 31, 2009

Good morning sunshine!

My boyfriend recently started in a new job and it's conveniently located near my place of work. We decided to have a carpool together with my sister who works in Ortigas, which is just along the way to Makati, where we work. Unfortunately, we have different office hours so there are major adjustments to be made, mostly on my part. My sister needs to be at the office by 7am, my boyfriend starts at 8am and I can come in any time at work, but I usually am in around 10:30am. When before I set my alarm to 6am and get up from bed at 8am, now I set it at 4:30am and get up at 4:30am. The last time that I had to wake up this early everyday was probably when I was still in elementary! Just this morning, my alarm went off while I was dreaming so I woke up with a huge headache and it felt like I never went to sleep at all. Good thing this kind of headache goes away once I've hit the shower. I think the reason is because the pain is replaced by another, in the form of bathing with very cold water. But once I've taken a bath and eaten breakfast then I'm ok. My sister and I then leave the house at 5:30am; we arrive at my boyfriend's house at 6:00am; my boyfriend takes my place as designated driver; we drop off my sister in Ortigas at 6:30am; we arrive in Makati at 7:00am. Whew! Thank God I'm a morning person so I'm not bothered by all the early morning activities. I even enjoy getting to the office early because I can concentrate and get a lot of things done before everybody else arrives.