Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In your face

I was supposed to write about our Wensha Spa experience but my friend beat me to it. I don't mind really because she summed up our evening perfectly. I enjoyed the food, the massage and the dip at the jacuzzi. Never mind that the pressure points on my back ached the next day, I'm thinking that this is evidence that the massage was effective. I still yearn for the most relaxing massage though. Maybe the hydrotherapy massage at Ace Water Spa will do the trick. But that's for another post.

What I do want to write about right now is how busy I've been ... with facebook. When before I would just log in when I receive email notifications for friend requests and wall announcements, now I find myself logging in everyday, sometimes even several times a day! It all started with the Hatchlings game application. I'd collect the eggs in my profile, and in my friends' profiles, hoping that I could acquire the those with limited edition designs. I soon grew tired of searching for eggs, then I got invited to Sorority Life and that's when I got really hooked. From then on, I started trying out what my friends are also playing: Mafia Wars, FarmVille and Restaurant City. I haven't tried Farm Town and Barn Buddy but I'm guessing they're pretty much similar with FarmVille. I'm hoping that I won't get addicted to the point that I start neglecting my tasks for the day. I'd like to think that I have better self-control than that. But just in case you're looking for me and I'm nowhere to be found, just login to facebook and you'll find me there ;-)